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Copper: Daybreak's Bell - Chapter 3
    Back at the 13th precinct station, Noin was having a sip of her coffee as McGillis was looking over the reports he had the 4th precinct’s cybercrimes division gather for him. “I have to admit; your subordinates look pretty run down at the moment.” Noin said as McGillis was completing his report. “Is that so?” McGillis asked as Noin looked up on the evidence board for the “Breaker” case the 13th has been stuck with for the last several years. “They’re having a hard time trying to keep up with you; I guess that’s the fault of having an exceptional superior like you.” Noin said as McGillis as he just submitted the report to Colonel Elion. “I’ll be careful in the future Miss Noin.” McGillis said as he took a sip of his coffee. “I’m sure it’ll surprise you-know-who after all the steps he took to buy all the time he needed.” Noin said as Deputy Johnathan Ratclif
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Copper: Daybreak's Bell - Chapter 2
    It was about 7 in the morning the following day and Graham was up doing his morning workout routine. Billy was in the kitchen working up a good breakfast as he was looking through the morning paper. Graham stepped into the kitchen after his workout to get a glass of water to rehydrate as he was looking at the article that Billy was Reading. “What’s the latest news you’re looking into Katagiri?” Graham asked as he was wiping a towel over his head. “It’s the latest news on the “Breaker”, it seems that the precinct in which Detective Menzel is working at is under investigation from the 4th Precinct’s inspection bureau.” Billy said to Graham as he got some pancakes on the cast-iron skillet. “Let me take a guess, the inspection bureau from the 4th has reason to believe that someone from Elsa’s precinct is leaking out intel on the informants to the “breaker”?” Graham asked as he
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Copper: Daybreak's Bell - Chapter 1
    It was about 6 in the evening when the flight landed at Arendelle. As the people made their way from the gate to the main terminal, there was an air of uneasiness throughout the citizens. This was all in large part to the “Breaker” incidents that have been going on for several months now and there were no leads as to who they might be or who they work for. All of this was of little importance at the time for a man who was serving his country in the air force. He was about 27 in age and had blonde hair with hazel eyes. The man had stepped off of the tram and into the main terminal where he was greeted by another man with long brown hair done up in a top-knot ponytail and had glasses on. “Katagiri!” the man called out to the long-haired man now known as Billy Katagiri. “Well look at this, the ace of the Over Flags has come home.” Billy said to Graham Aker; a Lieutenant in the United States Air Force who has returned to Arendelle
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Melfina - Gundam 00 Pilot by XGP-Nataku Melfina - Gundam 00 Pilot :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 10 0
G Gundam: RYF - C9: Honor Among Thieves
As Tyler and Rav were discussing the extent of the damages to Shining Gundam, Allenby had her normal outfit on and looked to her gundam as she was starting to gain a true connection with her machine.
ALLENBY: (internally) I’m really glad you came for me Noble Gundam. Perhaps I’m starting to learn how a shuffle alliance member and their gundam become connected to one another or something like that; regardless of what the reason could be we’ll get through this together.
RJ: Hey sis, you ready over there?
RJ Stepped out in his casual wear which consisted of some custom boots, green cargo pants, a utility belt, black fingerless gloves, and a black t-shirt underneath a red track jacket with a dragon emblem on the left pectoral side. Allenby then turned to see her brother looking rather decent than when she first encountered him.
RJ: I traded the “wandering nomad” look for something much more casual.
ALLENBY: You’re looking real
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G Gundam: RYF - C8: Shining Gundam Rising
Prime Minister Wong Yunfat had just gotten into the main government building after a brief ride from the airport. His mood was less than pleasant as he was looking at the time lost from the past few days. He looked over the data and was unpleasantly surprised to find out that someone else has taken interest in the Dark Gundam.
WONG: Those idiots in Zurich cost me way too much time in their deliberations on what we needed to do in regard to that “accident” a few days ago. With the final battle just days away, I only have enough time for Domon Kasshu to have one more match against Schwarz Bruder of Neo Germany.
MASTER ASIA: Seems only fitting that the King of Hearts to have one final test before the final battle royal. I hope that the time in Zurich didn’t make you lose sight of the big picture here Mr. Wong?
WONG: Of course, I haven’t Master. Once we get the final battle royal underway, we’ll unleash the Dark Gundam and ensure that Neo
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G Gundam: RYF - C7: Stakes Raised, Deck Stacked
Far off in the distance, Master Asia saw the scene before him and took a moment to appreciate what had just transpired between the Shuffle Alliance and RJ. Master Asia couldn’t help but give a slight chuckle as the alliance all headed down to where RJ hid out for the past few days.
MASTER ASIA: Things have gotten interesting around here. It won’t be much longer now till we face off again Domon and I am looking forward to our fateful encounter.
Master Asia then left the scene before the authorities showed up to arrest all of the House enforcers. Inside the hidden facility, RJ filled the alliance in on how he got to Earth during Domon and Allenby’s match.
RJ: Come on in guys and make yourselves at home.
SAI: You’ve been hiding out down here?
ARGO: More importantly, I’m surprised that this place even exists in the first place.
CHIBODEE: Hey, isn’t this…
RJ: Yeah, I’ve been keeping up with the finals
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RYF: Long Overdue Reunion by XGP-Nataku RYF: Long Overdue Reunion :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 6 0
G Gundam: RYF - C6 - Reunion in the Rift
Back at the docks, the Alliance gathered together to wait for Domon and Allenby to return from their fishing trip. Rain joined up with Jess and Rav not too far behind them as they got by the spot in which Han docks his boat.
GEORGE: How long have they been out for?
JESS: They left at 6 AM on the nose from what Rav told me.
CHIBODEE: Best time to go out for fishing that’s for sure. I’ve done it before back on my cousin’s ranch in Texas.
RAIN: I still haven’t gotten word yet from the G.F.I.C. on when the tournament is going to resume.
SAI: They’re probably still working on the rings and running safety tests on them.
RAV: Not to mention that the mountain ring took the most damage and they’re still assessing the damages.
ARGO: Hold on, I think I can see the boat right there.
Han’s boat came into view of the entire group and they could see Domon, Allenby, Tyler, and Mac at the bow of the ship. Mac was
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G Gundam OC - RJ Beardsley by XGP-Nataku G Gundam OC - RJ Beardsley :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 4 0 RYF: When All Hope is Lost by XGP-Nataku RYF: When All Hope is Lost :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 3 0
G Gundam: RYF - C5: Iron and Waves
The boat had finally arrived at the fishing spot Han picked out for the entire group. Mac and Tyler dropped the anchor so that the boat wouldn’t drift away from the island. Domon and Allenby assisted Han in getting the ramp down from the boat to the edge of the beach. The entire group brought down all the supplies and set them down on the site that will be their camp for the trip.
TYLER: We’re finally here, good lord it is just beautiful out here.
MAC: OK then Han, where do you want the fire pit setup at?
HAN: Just a little to your left and about five paces up the beach.
MING & HOY: So, do you guys like it?
ALLENBY: This place is wonderful, I’ve never seen an island like this at all.
DOMON: I got to admit; this place sure has the view we needed after what happened two days ago.
Allenby had a little chuckle when she heard Domon’s remark. Mac and Tyler got the fire pit setup for their camp site. The kids started to pla
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Hyper Allenby - Ultimate Attack by XGP-Nataku Hyper Allenby - Ultimate Attack :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 4 0 Allenby Beardsley - Hyper Mode by XGP-Nataku Allenby Beardsley - Hyper Mode :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 11 4
G Gundam: RYF - C4: Journey to the Island
The next day arrived and it was about 5 in the morning at the harbor. Tyler and Mac got there an hour earlier before the cast-off time to load the boat up with the essentials that they needed for the trip. Allenby was the first one to wake up and meet up with Tyler and Mac.
MAC: Morning there miss Beardsley.
ALLENBY: (yawn) Good morning to you too Mac.
TYLER: I guess everyone else is still sleeping on the boat, right?
ALLENBY: Domon should be up soon. Is there anything I can do to help you guys out?
MAC: (yawn) We need to get the coolers onto the boat for starters.
TYLER: Also, we will be needing coffee as we left the hotel without getting some.
Allenby grabbed one of the coolers that had the drinks for the kids and started to make her way back to the boat. Tyler grabbed the cooler that contained their lunch for the day. Mac grabbed the cooler that contained the beers that they got from a specialty beer store. Domon got up and he stretch
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AT - The Bust of one in the same by XGP-Nataku AT - The Bust of one in the same :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 5 2

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    Back at the 13th precinct station, Noin was having a sip of her coffee as McGillis was looking over the reports he had the 4th precinct’s cybercrimes division gather for him. “I have to admit; your subordinates look pretty run down at the moment.” Noin said as McGillis was completing his report. “Is that so?” McGillis asked as Noin looked up on the evidence board for the “Breaker” case the 13th has been stuck with for the last several years. “They’re having a hard time trying to keep up with you; I guess that’s the fault of having an exceptional superior like you.” Noin said as McGillis as he just submitted the report to Colonel Elion. “I’ll be careful in the future Miss Noin.” McGillis said as he took a sip of his coffee. “I’m sure it’ll surprise you-know-who after all the steps he took to buy all the time he needed.” Noin said as Deputy Johnathan Ratcliffe entered the inspector’s room. “I see the two of you have been hard at work today Inspector Noin, Inspector Fareed.” Ratcliffe said as he entered the room. “Speaking of, I hope the day has gone well for you deputy.” Noin said to McGillis quietly and then addressed Deputy Ratcliffe. “So how are things progressing at the moment? Oh, that’s right our blunder almost made it impossible for you to gather the information you needed. I do apologize for leaving you with such a heavy chore to do.” Deputy Ratcliffe said as McGillis was reading over his report.

            “On the contrary, the examination has gone off without any delays. We should be finished soon enough.” McGillis said to Ratcliffe who was taken back by what McGillis just said to him. “No need to worry, we’ll report all of our findings on schedule.” McGillis said as Noin looked over to the evidence board. “Oh I-I see that’s good to hear.” Ratcliffe said nervously as McGillis finished his cup of coffee. “There is one piece of data that caught our interests however.” McGillis said as Ratcliffe then looked on with a slight bit of curiosity. “What would that be pray tell?” Ratcliffe said as McGillis took out a file on one of the members of the 4th precinct that they were investigating as well. “It seems as though you’ve been in contact with Major Coral Conrad from the 4th precinct over the past several months.” McGillis said as Ratcliffe tried to laugh it off. “Surely you don’t think that two fellow officers meeting up and having conversations with each other?” Ratcliffe said as Noin turned to face the deputy. “If the conversations were just purely social, no. From what we were able to gather; the conversations you’ve been having with Major Conrad was more or less about the informants that have been murdered by the “Breaker”.” Noin said as Ratcliffe composed himself rather quickly to answer back.


    “Yes, their losses have been tragic to say the least; but my talks with Major Conrad have no involvement in the “Breaker” being brought to justice.” Ratcliffe said as McGillis then looked over some of the photographs that have both Conrad and Ratcliffe speaking to each other, hours before the murders took place. “That may be true; however, these conversations happened well before any officers that were assigned to protect the informants have even gotten to the scene.” McGills said as he noted the time stamps on each of the photographs in question. “Well then, I must get back to my duties so do get to work on finding out how to catch the “Breaker”.” Ratcliffe said as he was going to walk out of the inspector’s office; but stopped before the door as he was hoping to hatch a plan. “Before I leave, is there anything I can do to make your stay worthwhile?” Ratcliffe said as this gave both McGillis and Noin a curious look. “I know this probably isn’t much but I’m sure we can… “Ratcliffe was saying before he was cut off by McGillis. “Is this a bribe? If that’s the case, then I will arrest you where you stand.” McGills said as Ratcliffe looked on in shock as his plan was immediately found out before it could develop. “Watch yourself, Deputy Jonathan Ratcliffe.” McGillis said as Noin let out a slight chuckle. “You’re just too mean there McGillis.” Noin said as Ratcliffe stormed out of their office.

            Back at Barriston Ford, Graham sat down with Naze to discuss the price on the Fusion Titanium that Graham saw back in the showroom. “Just the sight of the two of us driving around town again sure was something special.” Naze said as Graham took his seat across from Naze. “I ran into Patrick last night at O’Malley’s and he was talking about getting the fellas back together for a pick-up game sometime soon.” Graham said as Naze punched in the information the black Ford Fusion Titanium on his computer. “That’s great to hear, we’ll need to play the game at the old barn before they blow it up.” Naze said in reference to the Arendelle Forum, a hockey arena built back in the early 30’s that is being scheduled for demolition. “That’s a shame to hear about the arena being demolished. Nothing we can do about it now.” Graham said as Naze then took the numbers of the cost, taxes, tag, title, and discounts on the car in question. “Well Graham, I’m all set on my end.” Billy said as his car was out front and ready for him to head to work. “Glad to hear that Katagiri, tell Leesa I said “hi” for me.” Graham said as Billy chuckled at the thought. “I’ll keep that in mind when I see her. Take care of him for me Naze.” Billy said as he got the keys to his car. “Sure, and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.” Naze said as Billy walked out the dealership and then got into his car to head off to the high school.


    “Now then Graham, if the numbers look right we can make a deal right now.” Naze said as he showed the price of the Fusion Titanium to Graham. “Hmmm…$23,350 for the Fusion huh? Not too shabby of a price there.” Graham said as he looked at the price. “We do have the Ford Summer Sale starting up that took of 1,500 off of the price and since you were a member of the military you get 500 bucks off of the selling price. I take you’re going to finance with USAA?” Naze asked Graham as he looked over the numbers from what Naze pulled up. “That would be the case and I’ll have gap insurance on it in case I do, somehow, get the car totaled.” Graham said as he was getting in touch with his USAA agent. “I take it you want to speak with your insurance agent, not a problem at all.” Naze said as Graham got a hold of his agent. Eric came over and sat next to Naze as he was tapping his finger on the desk. “You’re selling him the Black Fusion Titanium for that price Naze?” Eric asked as he was looking at the price. “Normally they would go for about $27,000 and up; but Graham and I are old friends with the old man and he helped pay for Graham to get into the Air Force Academy. This is our way of repaying a debt of gratitude to the man.” Naze said to Eric as he watched Graham speaking to his USAA agent.


    Eric then looked on as Mr. Barriston came out from his office with a happy client after they made a successful deal. “My daughter texted me not too long ago and she’s getting ready for her big summer trip with her friend Hiro.” Eric said as he reviewed a message from his daughter Melody. “The two of them are going to London if I’m not mistaken. You did speak about this during our huge luncheon last week.” Naze said as Eric gave him a quick smirk in response to Naze’s comment. “She’s been looking forward to that trip for some time now. The exchange program she’s in with the San Fransokyo Institute of Science has done wonders and she might graduate with her Associates degree.” Eric said as he is reflecting on his daughter’s accomplishment. Graham got off of the phone and both men looked on as they were awaiting Graham’s decision. “My agent is sending over the draft to you as we speak by both e-mail and fax. All the numbers look good from the draft, which was set at $23,000; but there’s just one slight problem.” Graham said as Naze looked slightly confused as was Eric. “You still owe me one hundred bucks for getting a hat trick on my final game in our senior year Naze!” Graham said as the threesome erupted in a huge burst of laughter. “I wasn’t aware of that!” Eric said as he was wiping the tears from his eyes. “I had a feeling that was coming, very well then I take it we’ll let her go for $23,250 then?” Naze said as Graham was settling in his chair. “I’ll pay you the $250 upfront and we’ll have ourselves a deal.” Graham said as he extended his hand out to Naze and Eric.


    “Very well then Graham, welcome to the Barriston Ford family. I’ll go ahead and get to work with Graham’s USAA agent to finalize the deal. Eric, can you help out Graham in making the down payment for us?” Naze asked as Eric nodded in agreement and shook hands with Graham. “Send me the information Naze and we’ll get it done.” Eric said as Naze tipped his hat and made his way to finances to close the deal. “Congratulations on your purchase there Mr. Aker, if you would follow me please.” Eric said as he led Graham to his desk to make the down payment. “Of course, and I heard your daughter is going out to London?” Graham asked as Eric the two of them were walking to his desk. “You caught that huh? Yeah, she’s going with a friend of hers from San Fransokyo in a few weeks.” Eric said as the two men sit down at his desk. “Tell her that I wish her the best of luck out in London.” Graham said as he settled in his chair to review the down payment. In the main office, McMurdo was looking on with delight to see Graham in his store getting a car from him as he reminisced about the time Graham worked for him during high school. “Congratulation son, we’re glad to have you in our family.” McMurdo said to himself as he was getting the temporary tag ready for Graham’s car.


    After Graham made the down payment, he was waiting outside of the showroom and noticed that Orga and Mikazuki came over to see what Graham was doing at the dealership. “Little surprised to see you back here Graham.” Orga said as he shook hands with Graham and while Mikazuki was eating his Mars Plams. “You noticed huh Orga? Yeah, I just got myself a car from the same place I worked at back in high school with Naze.” Graham sad as Orga looked a little surprised to hear that he got a new car. “What did you get?” Mikazuki asked as he reached into his bag to grab another Mars Palm. “A 2018 Ford Fusion Titanium in Black of course.” Graham said as Orga let out a little chuckle at the thought. “Not surprised about the color, though I am surprised that you got it from here of all places.” Orga said as he remembered a moment back in high school when Orga was doing detailing work at Barriston Ford. “Did you happen to run into Akihiro yet or no?” Mikazuki asked Graham as he was looking at the Barriston Ford sign. “I haven’t seen the big lug since we graduated. He was a huge part of us winning the state championship our senior year.” Graham said he recalled one of his classmates and teammate Akihiro Altland. The fusion came out of the service area with a complete detailing job done and it was ready for the road. Loran stepped out of the car as he was completing a final once-over on the car before they can hand the keys off to Graham.


    “Here you go sir and congratulations on your purchase today.” Loran said as he shook hands with Graham. “Thank you for all the work you have done young man.” Graham said to Loran as Orga and Mikazuki took a look at Graham’s new car. “Not bad, not bad at all Graham.” Orga said as he was looking at his reflection in the driver’s side window. “I take it that you came to see Graham’s new ride?” Naze said as he came out of the showroom with McMurdo Barriston. “Naze Turbine, is everything going well for you out here?” Orga asked Naze as he shook his hand. “Much better now that we have Graham here a part of our family.” Naze said as Graham let out a little chuckle. “Glad to see you two are right as rain yourselves.” McMurdo said to both Orga and Mikazuki as Loran came over and shook Mikazuki’s hand. “Are the two of you acquainted with Mr. Aker here?” Loran asked Mikazuki as he reached out for a Mars Palm. “Orga told me stories about him back when they were in High School together.” Mikazuki said as he ate the Mars Palm. “Well now, why don’t we all come together for a group photograph to celebrate the occasion. Saji, come on over here and get the camera ready.” McMurdo said to another technician named Saji Crossroad. “Yes sir, on my way.” Saji said as he grabbed McMurdo’s Canon T6i Rebel camera. The group got together by Graham’s new car as Saji got the camera into position take the picture. After the picture was taken, McMurdo then gives Graham a huge pat on the back. “Now then, it’s time I showed you guys something really special.” McMurdo said as he led the group to one of the private showrooms he has on the property.


    Back at the 13th precinct’s station, Noin and McGillis were cleaning up after their inspection was complete. The two of them were about to leave the station; but not before they were called in by Chief Weaselton. “Can I spare you a couple of moments before you set off Inspector Fareed?” Chief Weaselton said as McGillis and Noin turned to the Chief. “Of course, chief what is it that you ask?” McGillis asked the Chief as he was cleaning his glasses. “I do thank you for keeping this information on the down-low per my request; but I must ask, have you any possible suspects from my unit at this time?” Chief Weaselton asked McGillis as he took the time to understand the chief’s body language. “I understand your concerns chief; but we are still in the investigation phase at this time. Rest assured, we will do everything in our power to see the “Breaker” and his associates all be brought to justice.” McGillis said as a huge sigh of relief came from the Chief. “Let’s get going McGillis, Colonel Elion wants us back at the 4th by 12:30 and it is 11 right now.” Noin said annoyingly as McGillis just shrugged it off. “Of course, Noin we must be on our way now chief.” McGillis said as he saluted the chief and the chief saluted right back.


    Back at Barriston Ford, McMurdo led Graham, Orga, Mikazuki, and Naze to his private showroom where he would take higher profile customers to for some rare cars that McMurdo’s family owned and restored. “There’s the old girl on the left, the ’69 Charger that Graham and I dominated with back in high school.” Naze said as he pointed out the white 1969 Dodge Charger R/T on display. “This car caused so much ruckus at school when we pulled up in it. How many girls wanted to sleep with you back then?” Graham asked Naze, who nervously laughed as he adjusted his fedora. “I lost count; but I’ve settled down with Amida after I got out of college and we’re thinking of having kids down the road.” Naze said to Graham as McMurdo led them to a car cover on the display to the right of the Charger. “Well now boys, I want you all to have a look at what I got after the Meccum Auction in Glendale.” McMurdo said as he was pulling the car cover off. The group looked on in awe and amazement of what was revealed. “Whooo…Mr. Barriston, you do have a way with knowing what we love.” Graham said with his right hand over his mouth as McMurdo made his way over to them. “The 1968 Ford Mustang GT, better known as the “Bullitt Mustang” boys.” McMurdo said as the group started to circle around the Mustang. “I know that this is not the real Mustang from Bullitt; but I can’t help be envious of it.” Orga said as he was hesitant to touch the car.


    After the guys got to see the Mustang in the private showroom, Mikazuki and Orga headed off to O’Malley’s to get ready for work. Graham and Naze headed back to his newly purchased Fusion to set it off on its maiden voyage. “Best of luck to you Graham and our warranty does guarantee you your first four oil changes are on the house.” Naze said as he shook hands with Graham one last time. “Not a problem, best of luck to you then and keep the business flowing.” Graham said as he put on his shades and got into his new car. “Time to get these errands done for Katagiri while he’s off on work.” Graham said to himself as he pulled away from the dealership. Graham drove off and managed to get the sights in with Sunirse, Sunburn, Sunset by Luke Bryan playing on the radio. Graham pulled into the Safeway grocery store and looked at the list of stuff Billy needed for the house. “Graham, I need the items on the list as I will be having a pot-luck dinner with the staff later tonight.” Graham said to himself as he read the note and the list of items needed. “Shouldn’t be too much of a problem now, get the stuff and get out.” Graham said as he parked the car and made his way to the store.


    Agent Mullaly and Detective Mulan were also at the same Safeway when they noticed Graham making his way into the store. “I wonder what he’s doing all the way up here?” Mulan asked as she was looking over their notes from the questioning. “Not sure, but blondie has a real interest in this guy and I want to know why.” Eva said as the two of them followed Graham into the store. Graham was heading off to the meat department to get a ribeye for Billy’s pot-luck dinner when he noticed a young man with muted blonde hair looking at some of the cuts of meat. “Do you need any help with anything young man?” Graham asked the man who turned to face Graham. “Yeah, I’m looking for a decent cut of beef for a dish that Gordon Ramsay made that I want to replicate.” the man said to Graham who looked at the recipe “Looks like we’re both looking for ribeye steaks if the recipe calls for grilled artichokes.” Graham said to the man who breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you, my name is Hush Middy.” Hush said as he introduced himself to Graham. “Graham Aker, nice to meet you young man.” Graham said to Hush as the two exchanged handshakes.

Copper: Daybreak's Bell - Chapter 3
Exposed corruption and a new set of wheels in this chapter. Enjoy the latest guys.

Copper: Daybreak's Bell - Chapter 2 <- Previous Chapter
Current Chapter

Copper, related characters (C) Zero-Kiba
Frozen, Mulan, related characters (C) Disney
Gundam, related characters (C) Sunrise
I feel like I need a little while to just clear my head of all things so I'll be signing off for the time being.

    It was about 7 in the morning the following day and Graham was up doing his morning workout routine. Billy was in the kitchen working up a good breakfast as he was looking through the morning paper. Graham stepped into the kitchen after his workout to get a glass of water to rehydrate as he was looking at the article that Billy was Reading. “What’s the latest news you’re looking into Katagiri?” Graham asked as he was wiping a towel over his head. “It’s the latest news on the “Breaker”, it seems that the precinct in which Detective Menzel is working at is under investigation from the 4th Precinct’s inspection bureau.” Billy said to Graham as he got some pancakes on the cast-iron skillet. “Let me take a guess, the inspection bureau from the 4th has reason to believe that someone from Elsa’s precinct is leaking out intel on the informants to the “breaker”?” Graham asked as he brought the towel to his neck. “Was that Lt. Aker I was hearing or your old man?” Billy asked with a slight chuckle to Graham’s question. “I guess a bit of both.” Graham said with a chuckle as he was heading off to the bathroom to get cleaned up. “After we get done with breakfast, do you want to go out car shopping?” Billy asked Graham as the latter was in need of his own mode of transportation. “Sure thing, I’ll be in the shower if you need me.” Graham said as he walked up the stairs.

            Over at Elsa’s station, Mulan was on pins and needles when the inspection bureau from the 4th precinct came over to start their investigation. “I really wish you were here right now Elsa, we could definitely use your fangs in this office.” Mulan said to herself as she took a sip of her coffee. The detectives representing the investigation bureau were Lucrezia Noin and McGillis Fareed. The two detectives met with Chief Weaselton to discuss as to how they are going to handle the investigation. “Detectives Noin and Fareed, it is an absolute pleasure to have you here at the 13th precinct.” Chief Weaselton said to the two detectives. “It has been a while Chief Weaselton.” Detective Noin said as the Chief directed the two of them to his office. “I want to make sure that we get this “mole” exposed and we can finally figure out a way to catch the Breaker and put that guy behind bars for the rest of his life.” Chief Weaselton said as McGillis put up his hand to pause the chief before he could say any more. “I appreciate your concerns; but if you don’t mind, we would like to engage in the inspection at our discretion.” McGillis said as the chief nodded in approval, albeit nervous. “Of course, just watch yourself around some of the men and women in this station.” Chief Weaselton said as he turned to look over the recent artciles in the paper.

    Back at Billy’s townhouse, Graham was in the shower getting cleaned up after his morning workout. As the hot water came down on Graham’s head, he was reflecting back on his time back before he set off for the Air Force. “I wonder how the rest of the fellas have been since I’ve been away?” Graham asked himself as he washed his hair. After Graham had finished his shower, he got on a pair of Cargo pants, a Reebok compression shirt, a pair of Columbia hiking shoes, an iWatch, and his Oakley sunglasses that he had from his time in the Air Force. “Hey Graham, are you ready or what?” Billy asked as he got the keys to his Ford Edge off of the key ring. “Of course, I’m ready we’re heading for Barriston Ford for your oil change, right?” Graham asked as he got down to where Billy was in the kitchen. “That and we need to get you your own set of wheels, shouldn’t be much of a problem.” Billy said as he got the door open and Graham got on his Columbia winter jacket. “You got a point in me needing a car, I just hope the old man’s still running the place.” Graham said in reference to the owner of Barriston Ford, whom Graham worked for back in high school.

            Back at the station, Eva had arrived and noticed that the tension in the station was quite palpable. The looks on all of the officer’s faces were that of uncertainty and nervousness as to what the inspectors from the 4th precinct would find. Eva then headed to where Mulan’s desk was and sat down next to her. “I take it that the inspection is bugging you out right now?” Eva asked as Mulan then turned to face her interim partner. “Y-yeah, it is bugging me at the moment.” Mulan said as she looked at one of the officers who had breathed a sigh of relief that his questioning was over. “I did a little extra digging on that one guy we saw at the pub we went to last night.” Eva said to Mulan, who suddenly gained an interest in the information. “What did you find out?” Mulan asked as Eva pulled out her laptop and punched in the information on Graham. “He does have quite a service record with deployments to Azadastan, Agrabah, even Cambodia.” Mulan said as she was looking over the information on Graham. “That’s not what caught my eye; it’s the fact that his father used to be one of the top detectives in Arendelle’s police department.” Eva said as Mulan then clicked on the file on Graham’s father. “You’re kidding me…Graham’s father is the infamous “Frost Dragon”?” Mulan asked as Eva only nodded in response. “If anyone knows how to catch a killer in this city, it was him. He’s retired now and living out in Essex.” Eva said as Mulan then looked up to see another officer sigh in relief from his questioning. 

    “I got to admit, your subordinates look pretty worn out over there.” Noin said to McGillis as he was looking over all of the questionings to this point. “Is that so, we’ll need to be more careful with them in the future.” McGillis said as Noin turned to look at Agent Mullaly and Detective Mulan. “What are the two of them looking up?” Noin asked as McGillis then pulled up the same information that Eva got for Mulan. “Lieutenant Graham Aker, United States Air Force 3rd Over-Flag squadron. He recently retired from the Air Force and has returned home.” McGillis said as Noin looked surprised to hear that name. “I know him, from the Krujas Uprising incident in Azadastan?” Noin asked as McGillis took a sip of his tea. “That’s the one; the same one that claimed the head of the former UN ambassador Alejandro Corner, who was exposed as the leader of the terrorist unit in Krujas with Ali-Al Saachez also being on the list of casualties.” McGillis said as he looked over the service record. “It says here that his father, Marcus Aker, was one of the top homicide detectives in APD’s history. No wonder why he was able to determine Corner’s back-door dealings with Saachez.” Noin says looking over the report on the Krujas Uprising.

    “It looks like we’re up next Mulan, better get ready.” Eva said as she noticed the next officer that came out took a look at the two detectives and just gave them a nod. “Well then, let’s face the music.” Mulan said as she got up out her chair. Both inspectors were going over the notes they have taken throughout their questionings as Eva and Mulan stepped into the room with the inspectors and took their seats. “Thank you for joining us today Agent Mullaly and Detective Mulan.” Noin said to the two as they looked on at the inspectors. “Pleasure having the two of you here I guess.” Mulan said as McGillis was looking over the notes he had on Eva and Mulan. “If the two of you have any reassurances, the facts are that you’re the last ones we are interviewing for the day.” McGillis said as Eva and Mulan breathed a sigh of relief. “Now then Detective Fa Mulan, you have had first hand encounters with the “Breaker” correct?” McGillis asked Mulan who nodded in response to the question. “I would like your honest opinion on him.” McGillis said to Mulan who was a little surprised at what McGillis asked her.

    “If I can be honest, the methods that he employs to take out our informants are brutal, but effective and that he’s clearly a highly skilled assassin.” Mulan said to McGillis as Noin looked on to agent Mullaly. “I see, are either one of you aware of the Krujas Uprising that happened three years ago in Azadastan?” McGillis asked the both of them. “From what I’ve read from the news reports and from the agency; the uprising was orchestrated by Alejandro Corner and Ali-Al Saachez. Is there any relevance to that and where we are now?” agent Mullaly asked McGillis. “There is, the “Breaker” and his accomplice worked for Alejandro for several months training Saachez’s terrorist cell. Both the “Breaker” and his accomplice managed to get out before Corner and Saachez were confirmed killed in action.” McGillis said to both who were looking at the photos of the two of them, in Saachez’s elite uniforms, and were stunned to learn about this detail. “I guess this explains where they get their lethality from; but where is this going?” Mulan asked McGillis who turned the question over to Noin. “Both Corner and Saachez were killed by Lieutenant Graham Aker of the United States Air Force’s 3rd Over-Flag Squadron. The same man the two of you saw last night at O’Malley’s.” Noin said as Eva just looked on at her with Elsa’s trademark stare.


    “I take it that you saw us looking at Aker’s information before you brought us in here?” Eva asked Noin who then turned the question over to McGillis. “Impressive intuiton agent Mullaly. But to answer your question, we were already aware of the former lieutenant’s information before we arrived here.” McGillis said to Eva who then gave McGillis Elsa’s trademark stare. “If I may ask, you were here to see if there was a potential mole in our precinct, right?” Mulan asked Noin who then turned to Mulan to answer her question. “Correct, the “mole” we’re looking for is amongst your department. So far, all of the officers we have questioned have come up clean.” Noin said to Mulan who had breathed a huge sigh of relief. “The officers are all clean; but I have reason to suspect that the one who has been leaking information to the “Breaker” is coming from someone in the chief’s inner circle.” McGillis said to both agent Mullaly and detective Mulan as both looked on at inspector McGillis in complete shock. “The chief himself is clean as a whistle since we questioned him first; but tread carefully about his deputy.” Noin said to the both of them who nodded in agreement to Noin’s suggestion. “When detective Menzel is cleared for duty; I would like for you two to bring her and her girlfriend, Anna Bell, over to the 4th precinct. You will be needed for a special assignment from Colonel Rustal Elion, that’s all I can say for right now. You are dismissed.” McGillis said to both of them who stood at attention and saluted the two inspectors.

    At Barriston Ford, Billy pulled up to the service station as he had a 10 AM appointment for his car to get serviced. “Good Morning, are you in for a service today?” a young man with white hair asked Billy. “I am indeed, Billy Katagiri for a 10 o’clock oil change and multi-point inspection.” Billy answered the young man. “OK then, your mileage is at 12,190. Now then, I need you and your friend here to step out the car, so we can take care of it for you.” the young man said as both Billy and Graham unbuckled their seat belts. “Go on ahead to the showroom Graham and take a look around.” Billy said to Graham who took off his shades. “Sure, thing Katagiri. What’s your name young man?” Graham asked the attendant as Billy was signing off on the iPad. “Loran Cehack, just started about three weeks ago.” Loran said to Graham as Billy handed the keys to Loran. Graham went into the showroom to look around at some cars that might peek his interest. As Graham turned the corner to look at a Ford Fusion Titanium, a man in blue polo and black slacks came over to assist Graham. “Is there something I can help you with sir?” the man asked Graham as he turned to face him. “I just got home after a long time away and I’m in the need for a car.” Graham said to the man who revealed himself to be Eric.


    “Hold that thought Eric, I’ll go and take it from here.” a man in a white fedora said as he came over to where Graham was. “I thought I saw a familiar fedora walking around here.” Graham said as he recognized the man in the hat. “How long has it been “Mr. Bushido”?” the man in the fedora said as he and Graham exchanged a bro-hug. “Naze Turbine, I’d say it was about eight years or so. I take it you got the news?” Graham asked Naze as Eric went over to assist another client that was on their schedule. “I did and I’m glad you’re here to stay. Now then, I hear you’re looking to buy a car from the same shop we worked at since our first summer as we were transitioning to freshmen?” Naze asked Graham who had a bit of a laugh when Naze asked him. “Me being a sentimental Virgo and all, it only makes sense that I get a car from here.” Graham said to Naze who had a bit of a laugh himself. “Still the same guy I met back when we were kids. I take it the Fusion’s caught your eye?” Naze asked Graham who turned to look at the car in question. “Yeah something that I can get about town easy and I can reasonably see being in.” Graham said as Naze gave Graham a pat on the back. “We’ve got several Fusions in last week, how about we go out on a test drive?” Naze asked Graham who nodded in approval to Naze’s idea.  

    Out on the road, Eva and Mulan were driving about town to find a decent place for lunch. “That blonde haired fellas got something cooking up. I’m pretty sure Elsa’s not going to be happy about this.” Mulan said to Eva as she pulled up to a red light. “And where would you go making accusations like that when she’s out on vacation?” Eva asked back which got her a stern look from Mulan. “I’ll have you know that we’re now roped into a special assignment with the 4th precinct and from what I heard about Colonel Elion, that guy is no joke.” Mulan said to Eva who raised her eyebrow at Mulan’s statement about Colonel Elion. “I do remember him being a former Admiral in the Navy with an extensive service record.” Eva said to Mulan she recalled some of Elion’s background. “I am glad he’s someone on our side and has done more for APD than anyone can imagine. I’m worried that he thinks that people from the 13th precinct like myself can’t cut it on jobs he put together.” Mulan said to Eva as they pulled away from the light. “Just relax, we’ll fill Elsa in on the details once she’s fit to come back. I’m more or less concerned about Deputy Ratcliffe’s involvement with the “Breaker” right now.” Eva said as she remembered what McGillis implied at their questioning.

     As the two drove past Barriston Ford, Graham caught Mulan out of the corner of his eye as she took a quick glance at him. After they drove past the dealership, Graham shook it off and joined Naze by a Ford Fusion that they were going to test drive. “What was that all about?” Naze asked as Graham headed to the car. “That’d be something you need to ask the detective Naze.” Graham said as Naze let out a little chuckle. “Same as always, now then let’s hit the road and see what you think of the car in question.” Naze said as the two got into the Fusion and were getting ready for the test drive. As the two left the dealership, Billy was enjoying a cup of coffee when he got a phone call from one Leesa Kujo, a history teacher and lacrosse coach at the high school where Billy worked at. “Katagiri speaking.” Billy said as he picked up the phone. “Good to hear you Billy, you getting your car looked at right now?” Leesa asked Billy as he let out a chuckle. “Sharp minded as always Kujo. How’s the team doing after practice yesterday?” Billy asked Leesa as she looked over the roster. “Team’s doing well, and we’ve got one more game before we’re off for the district tournament. I’ve got to get ready to start classes today, catch you when we get to practice later.” Leesa said as she was organizing her papers for her lesson. “See you soon Kujo.” Billy said as he hung up the phone.

    Graham and Naze were driving around the area of the dealership in the Fusion as the two were going over how the car felt and performed; they got a chance to recall some of their times back in high school. “So far the Fusion’s performing very well. Nice handling, decent power, and it fits me like a glove.” Graham said to Naze as they approached a red light. “Do you remember back in high school when we took my dad’s old ’69 Charger out to the track on the weekends?” Naze asked Graham who had a laugh at remembering those moments. “Oh man how could I forget those days. The one time when we smoked Gaston and his little friend just before homecoming our Junior year was just the highlight.” Graham said as Naze and he let out a huge laughter as the light turned green. “The old man will be most happy to see you when we get back to the dealership.” Naze said as the two took a U-turn to head back to the dealership. “The old man meant everything going through high school and this is the best way I can pay him back.” Graham said as they made their way to the dealership.

    As the two pulled back to the dealership; the owner, McMurdo Barriston, was waiting for them at the front with a big smile on his face. “It’s been eight years since I’ve last seen you son, welcome home.” McMurdo said to Graham as he came over and gave the owner a huge hug. “Good to see you too old man. We just got back from a test drive and I’m looking to make an offer for a black Fusion Titanium.” Graham said as Naze tipped his hat to Mr. Barriston. “Come on in and we’ll get things taken care of for you. Naze, I trust that you can pull this deal off?” McMurdo asked Naze and let out a slight chuckle. “Like you needed to ask, we take care of our friends.” Naze said as McMurdo let out a huge laugh as he headed back to deal with a new customer that personally contacted him for a deal. “I must get going, I’ve got a business to keep up with. By the way Graham, there’s something I must show you once the deal is done.” McMurdo said to Graham was somewhat excited at the possibility of what it could be. “Looking forward to it.” Graham said as he headed with Naze to his desk to discuss the deal.

Copper: Daybreak's Bell - Chapter 2
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